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Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

Incl.VAT € 279.0

You got a business partner with window 10 Pro. Window 10 pro has all types of features of window 10,  Home ,plus in which very important is this business features for encryption login remote ,virtual machine creating and much more. A great feature is that its fast start ups ,and start menu, news options plus innovative new browsers for online action.

How to download window 10 (Downloads)


How it works

Windows 10 is the combination of all windows which you already know, all feature of other famed windows are ads in this windows. Technologies are used which you like Instant Go which you boot up and resume it quickly.

Windows 10 has a lot or built in security software features then help to protect malicious software and virus’s software.

Windows 10, is multitasking

This window spot to multi tasks on screen at a time, desktop gets crowded. Create virtual desktop is a great feature to get more space and work on screen. It provide all notifications and key settings are collected on your screen.

Microsoft browsers designed

For windows 10 all new browsers are designed to make more browser work which you want. You can type or write directly on web pages and you can share your mark ups with others. Window 10 improved address bar to find things faster and easy.


The best screen is that where you do work and work which you like. This window is optimizes your experiences for your device and activities. On window easy navigation and applications scale from small display to largest display screen.



Unique You Are

This window recognizes you and keeps your existence in truly personal way. Its light up to you for using and working on light way, you can login and its remember or typing your password for login.

Xbox and Gaming feature

Window 10 provides a platform for Xbox One game on your Computer, laptops, and tablets, with window 10. The Game DVR feature to record moves and games.windows_10_xbox

You can play all heavy games and watch full HD moves


Window 10 Requirements:

Processor:      1 GHz processor

Memory:        1 GB RAM for 32-bit operating system and 2 GB for 64-bit

Hard Drive Space:    Min 20 GB available space hard disk

Video Card:   800×600 resolution or higher and DirectX9 graphics processor

Connectivity Internet:           internet access must



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